Friday, May 06, 2005

Movie Review: Kingdom of Heaven

One thing you all have to know about the ITCHI SAMURAI: I love movies.

From today onwards, I’m going to share my comments about the movies I watch. In the end, every movie will be scored 1 to 10(10 being the best).

Today I watched “Kingdom of Heaven”.

Not a bad movie if you are trying to occupy yourself on a rainy holiday.
This movie touches the hard subject of religion, and the way religions interact with one another. The concept of coexistence of all religions is kindda cool, and how I wish that could be the way…

The movie is packed with action scenes where Muslims and Christians fight over the control of Jerusalem in the XII century. There is also the usual love story between the hero and the princess. Throughout the movie we are introduced to some great characters like the leprous king, the father-baron and of course Saladin the charismatic leader of the Saracens.

Despite some inconsistencies along the plot the movie is not too bad all together.

Note: 7/10



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