Thursday, July 06, 2006

My first experience with fame and I'm MISQUOTED

If you open the 24 Heures today and turn to the "Lausanne and its region" section (6th July, 2006) you will see me. Yes, I'm in the newspaper and you can even see a picture of me there. I'm the only Asian in the picture (in fact, I believe I may be the only Asian in the whole newspaper but I could be wrong).

Here's my beef: it is my first and closest experience to fame and I'm MISQUOTED! The nice reporter came up to me and asked me to comment on the game between Portugal and France. I gave her my honest opinion but she didn't post what I said. So, in an attempt to remedy the situation I've decided to comment here what I more or less told her last night:

"The game was a good match, both sides looked equally strong and defended their positions as well as they could. France eventually won because of a dubious penalty call by the referee but the Portuguese continued to play well, even attempting to score in the 4-minute overtime. But this is the game of football, a game where both sides have 90 minutes to do their best and any mistake made during that time could cost you the game. And in this particular match, both sides played well, neither France nor Portugal looked dominant."

Here's my question, how did this commentary translate into, "Les Française étaient vraiment supérieurs, ils ont mérite la victoire. Zidane était excellent."??????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There was a little bit more and here it is, "Mais nous sommes trés fiers du Portugal, c'st déjà magique d'être arrivés jusqu'ici. On espère que la prochaine fois on ira jusqu'au bout". I agree with this part of the comment but I have to say that I didn't even say this!

To the reporter I say, "If you're going to misquote me at least misspell my name."


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