Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The World Cup is over and I finally have my life back (for now) – 1st installment

The last few weeks have passed by so fast. I almost feel robbed – what happened to my month of June?!!

Here’s what I recall for the first two weeks of the World Cup event:

7:00 Wake Up

8:15 Go to work

8:45 Check emails, newspaper, favorite blog sites

9:30 Work

11:30 Start getting hungry

12:00 Starving, will eat almost anything

13:00 The strong coffee obviously didn’t help, pretend to read while catching some zzzs…

13:30 Still trying to recover from lunch

14:00 Produce something that looks like work

15:00 Log onto: for an updated coverage of the football match

15:50 Coffee break

16:00 Multitask between “watching the game” and “working”

16:50 Last minute work

17:30 Dash home to watch the another match

18:00 Match

18:50 Prepare dinner

19:00 Match

19:50 Catch up with loved ones – what they did, etc.

21:00 Another football match

23:00 Either celebrating the outcome of the match or thinking about sleeping

If celebrating – head off to St. François to join in on the celebration

If thinking about sleeping – channel surf while forcing my eyes to keep open

The next day, the whole routine begins again.


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