Saturday, June 24, 2006

WCPG - Day 15

The first stage is over. Here are some numbers:

-The results after the first stage:

-The number of correct results guessed:

Rafael 7
Marcel Bogers 6
Intan 6
Pedro Barata 6
Marcelo Leite 6
Gustavo 6
Dora 5
Pedro Manso 5
Sabrina 5
Janina 4
Alexandre 4
Rui 4
Cátia 3
Bruno 3
Pedro Pascoal 1
Luís 1

-Player with most consecutive results guessed:

Janina 3

- If there were no bonus for predicting the correct score, this is how the standings would be:

Now don’t forget to send me the predictions for the second round. Not doing it will make you win a lot of zerooooooooos!!! So hurry up. The next round starts already tomorrow afternoon.

By the way, in case of a penalty shootout don’t forget to predict the winner of the penalties.

good luck



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