Saturday, July 22, 2006

Tribute to…Maradona

When I revisit the time in my childhood when I fell in love by the game of football I often stumble on one name: Maradona!

Having heard a lot about myths like Pelé, Eusébio or Garrincha, I always wondered what a super-player must have played like. Maradona answered that question. He was one of those players that you hope will have the ball on his feet during the whole 90 minutes. You knew that with him something magical was bound to happen. Even though he was small and chubby, Diego Maradona was already a star in his teenage years. He could pass, run, dribble and score like no other.

The game of football is always said to be a team game: “It’s not possible to win alone!!”. If this is a rule, Maradona was the exception. Not only he revolutionized Napoli, finally bringing glory to the fans that were yet to win anything, Maradona won (almost) single-handedly the world cup of 1986 in Mexico.

One of the most controversial personalities the game has laid eyes upon, Maradona is considered by many the best player of all time. Above all he is the responsible for a whole generation of football fans, where I am surely included.

If it is a pity that we can’t still watch him play today, lets at least be thankful for technology. Here some of what you missed live!


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